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Juicing Recipes and Health Benefits: Day 1

Tomorrow is Day 1 of our Juicing Cleanse – a great way to incorporate veggies that you don’t normally enjoy eating. (Kale for me and Cauliflower for Katie.)Our recipe for tomorrow morning and the benefits of each ingredient: Dandelion greens – they purify the blood, settle digestion, high in fiber & provide 535% of the […]

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FIBER: Because What Goes In, Must Come Out…

Dietary fiber in extremely important for your health and is as necessary as any vitamin or mineral you could consume.  There are two major fibers to consider in your diet: Water insoluble (i.e. psyllium, bran, cellulose) and water soluble fibers (i.e. guar gum, found in oatmeal and pectin, found in certain fruits). The water insoluble […]

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Blood Sugar and Muscle Testing for Sweet Treats.

In this video, Dr. Gordie gives an example on how to use muscle testing to ask the body what it would prefer to have as a tasty indulgence. He compares the effects of the snacks on the endocrine system.

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