The Morning Ritual

Having a daily morning and evening ritual is good for you for many reasons. Most importantly, it trains your body to get used to what’s expected of it; i.e., this is the time for winding down, this is the time for digestion, etc. It gets you in a rhythm.

For now we will start with a good morning ritual you can start with. And yes, you may have to wake up a few minutes earlier but it will be worth it, I promise you. When you are in the space between sleeping and being awake, it’s the best time to set the intention for your day. Continue with the following ritual to develop healthy habits.

Hot water with lemon. Water is a great substance to start the day with since you haven’t had any since at least the evening before,and adding lemon to your water is a great digestive starter.

lemon water Start a simple stretching routine. I love to stretch every morning. It warms up the muscles, preventing injuries, it helps your brain connect with your tissues, it normalizes and regulates the input to the nervous system which allows better relaxation, and even helps brain chemicals. It also helps you to get into your body for the day – something important especially if you have any sort or stressors headed your way. (And who doesn’t…) Just be sure to start gently.


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Have a green smoothie or fresh juice with some protein for breakfast. The most important meal of the day – you know you’ve heard it before! But more importantly, you want to give your fasting tummy something healthy and fortifying to start your day with. I can handle eggs for breakfast and need them for the protein but they are a little much for my wife and so she likes to start the day with a green drink or smoothie containing protein. Use your intuition and the feedback from your body to see what works for you.  greensmoothieMeditate. Even if it’s just for even 3 minutes. If you can start your day connecting your breath to your body, you will already be in a better place than if you were to just jump up and hit the floor running. Take a moment to create your day. Visualization, a form of self-hypnosis, is a tool anyone can use to help foster healing. By providing positive pictures (creative imagery) and self-suggestion, visualization can change emotions that subsequently have a physical effect on the body.

The morning is also a good time to take your probiotics and anti fungal or anti parasitic supplements or herbs. Other than that, don’t put too much in your gut. You definitely don’t want vitamins or anything too strong on an empty stomach. Vitamins and minerals in concentrated form are too hard on an empty stomach.

These 4 simple steps can help have a drastic effect on your day.

Juicing Recipes and Health Benefits: Day 1


Tomorrow is Day 1 of our Juicing Cleanse – a great way to incorporate veggies that you don’t normally enjoy eating. (Kale for me and Cauliflower for Katie.)
Our recipe for tomorrow morning and the benefits of each ingredient:

Dandelion greens – they purify the blood, settle digestion, high in fiber & provide 535% of the recommended daily value of vitamin K.

Celery – easy to digest and tolerate, high in potassium, and the high water content in celery makes it ideal for vegetable juicing.

Beets and beet greens – good for liver detox, contains notable amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, vitamins A, B-complex and C. (Diabetics should use beets carefully because they are high in sugar content.)

Cabbage– excellent for the health of the bacteria in your gut. It is also good for ulcer repair as it is a huge source of vitamin U.

Carrots – High in vitamin A and loaded with beta carotene (a potent antioxidant). Carrots are also noted for the role they play in heart disease and stroke prevention, for maintaining youthful skin, and for colon cleansing and toxin flushing.

And lime to taste (which helps with the more bitter greens) – Limes contain antioxidants including flavonol glycosides-containing kaempferol, which research has shown stops cell division in several cancers.

Post your juicing pics and favorite juicing recipes on The Kilted Chiropractor: Dr. Gordie Facebook Page. 

FIBER: Because What Goes In, Must Come Out…


Dietary fiber in extremely important for your health and is as necessary as any vitamin or mineral you could consume.  There are two major fibers to consider in your diet: Water insoluble (i.e. psyllium, bran, cellulose) and water soluble fibers (i.e. guar gum, found in oatmeal and pectin, found in certain fruits).

The water insoluble fibers act to draw water into the colon. They bulk up the stool and promote healthy bowel movements. Water insoluble fibers are most commonly long chain carbohydrates that are indigestible, like celery.  Water insoluble fibers are very beneficial for elimination, because the movement of materials through the gut is dependent upon physical pressure within the gut itself, for example a bulky stool makes the colon contract and push the stool out. This is one reason why a diet rich in whole grains and whole vegetables is important. 

The water soluble fibers are different. While they cannot be digested and absorbed, they are able to dissolve in water. This gives them the unique ability to capture toxins and pull them out of the colon, including bad cholesterol (LDL) and heavy metals. They will not bulk the stool but instead form a gel like substance that can slow down the digestive process and make you feel full for a longer period of time. This allows for a decrease in appetite and helps in weight loss. The main sources of water soluble fibers are guar gum and pectin. Guar gum is found in oatmeal and pectin from fruits, primarily apples, peaches, pears and plums as well as (to a lesser degree) in lentils, oranges, strawberries, flaxseeds, peas and beans. 

 Refined carbohydrates, like white flour and sugar do not contain the ‘husk’ (fiber) or ‘germ’ (nutrients) that the whole grains or veggies contain. The longer the fecal matter sits in the intestine, the longer the body can be exposed to carcinogens. You should have one bowel movement for every meal consumed.

A very simple rule for health is to make sure your diet is rich in vegetables and fruits, include oatmeal from a non gluten source (Bob’s Red Mill makes a gluten free oatmeal) to help remove toxins, and drink plenty of water between meals rather than with meals as liquids dilute the acids and enzymes necessary for optimal digestion.

Thymus Thump


The thymus is an endocrine gland that sits in the center of the chest next to the heart. Medically, it is known that the thymus contributes to the development of the immune system. The slower the involution of the thymus – the better your health will be.  When we are born, our thymus gland is about the size of an apricot and when we die, the thymus is the size of a shriveled pea.   

In spiritual teachings the thymus is associated with the fourth chakra or energy seal which is equated with the consciousness of unconditional love –  a love that exists beyond polarity (good, bad, right and wrong.) It is quite fascinating that the thymus begins it’s involution at puberty when our bodies are preparing for sexuality, a time that is consistent with the ultimate duality of opposites attracting and likes repelling.  As our energy drops in frequency to match this change in consciousness so begins our awareness of our sexual identity and our loss of childhood “innocence”.

 One way to stimulate a resurgence of energy into a body part is to put your consciousness on that body part. The thymus thump stimulates the movement of energy to the area where the thymus is located in the middle of the chest. This can help stimulate your immune system and increase vibrancy. 

 Take your fingertips and continuously tap the very center of your chest with light to medium pressure for about one minute throughout the day. It’s that simple.


What Exactly is Applied Kinesiology?

Have you or someone you know tried to understand or explain what Applied Kinesiology is and/or what it can do? Since it is not only my job but my passion as well, I decided to devote the latest video of The Kilted Chiropractor to the clear explanation and example of one of my favorite subjects. Stay tuned to the end for my impromptu muscle dance caught on camera.

Blood Sugar and Muscle Testing for Sweet Treats.

In this video, Dr. Gordie gives an example on how to use muscle testing to ask the body what it would prefer to have as a tasty indulgence. He compares the effects of the snacks on the endocrine system.

Zen Master Gwen

Zen Master Gwen

If you’d like to witness the focus of a Zen Master, watch a pug with her food. This is Gwen living in the present moment of dinner time.
We are helping Gwen’s “old lady teeth” by putting one tablet of BIO-DENT in her food bowl each evening. Good news, if you have “old lady teeth” or anything similar, BIO-DENT is great for humans too.

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